Sacred Fire Unitarian Universalist

a ministry that plants, grows, and connects covenanted communities of support for life and for social justice

Circles are what we call our small group ministry, which looks very similar to the covenant groups in our UU congregations. Every member of our covenanted communities is part of a Circle; that is, new folks don’t join the community as a whole, but rather join a small group. All of the small groups together make up the area’s covenanted community. Circles are formed through mutual commitment, and they meet at least monthly. While most of our Circles are based in the community, others are exploring the possibility of forming a Sacred Fire Circle as a small group within their congregation. In our Circle sessions, we check in with one another, explore some topic of discussion, and prepare for our various activity. These groups serve as action-reflection, or praxis, groups.

Our method is: Circle, Gather, Build, Transform.