About the Program


1) Supports the formation of social justice leadership

2) Bolsters and strengthens existing justice ministries and/or sparks much-needed new ones

3) Works with congregations to become engaged, active, and missional

4) Facilitates the planting of new justice-seeking covenanted communities

5) Heightens collaboration between and among congregations in Clusters, and creates networks of support for statewide justice ministries

6) Supports ministers and their congregations' prophetic ministries, increasing impact and effectiveness

7) Offers an optional certification or “Deaconing” process for congregational leaders


Each congregation/community forms at least one small group of 5-9 people through which to participate in the program, with each group dedicated to bolstering the ongoing work of their congregation or to launching a new initiative at the service of its justice mission.

Participants attend two in-person weekend workshops in their Cluster, one in Fall and one in Winter/Spring. These weekends are Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, within which Sacred Fire UU conducts the worship service at the hosting congregation.

Throughout the church year, groups meet twice per month for guided sessions, each beginning with a 20-30 minute video presentation which frames and prompts the groups' ensuing work.