Sacred Fire Unitarian Universalist

a ministry that plants, grows, and connects covenanted communities of support for life and for social justice

We do the work of transformation by growing alternative institutions—large and small—that model the world we dream about. We deepen our capacity to support one another in life and remove obstacles to community, and we call this practicing interdependence. This consists of mutual aid such as sharing food and other goods or services, cooperative childcare, transportation, assistance with health needs, teaching and learning with one another, and helping each other through times of crisis. We also practice solidarity, which refers to expanding our community by standing with and working alongside those others experiencing injustice and oppression. Some examples from what we do are: forming a Solidarity Network, supporting and participating in the Black Lives Matter movement, and working to be in community with refugeeā€™d people. Members meet as needed to do this work, usually monthly.

Our method is: Circle, Gather, Build, Transform.